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"FUNERAMA"- 2 Day Art Workshop Weekend


 Includes all meals & beverages



Includes PACKAGE A &

Art Kit & Supplies 

PACKAGE C- Depends

Includes Package B &

Coordinated Lodging near by

Funerama Workshop



10am to 5pm

Small Class Size

One on One Instruction

Watercolor and/or Acrylic

All Levels Welcome

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don‛t have any materials? I‛m not sure I‛ll continue with painting after the class, so I don‛t want to buy a bunch of stuff.


Please choose PACKAGE B. This kit has enough materials in it for you to paint all weekend, and you can take it home with you after the class.


I‛m a rote beginner, and I don‛t have any formal training in art. Can I expect to have any success at all in only one weekend?


Without exception, every student in my workshops ALWAYS gets a painting good enough to mat. My husband cuts a mat for each painter’s best work on Sunday afternoon.


How many students will be in the workshop with me?


I limit the workshops to under 5 students. That way, I can give all painters some one-on-one time.


What if I can‛t draw?


You don’t really need to be able to draw to paint a successful painting. My demonstrations emphasize compositions that don’t require extensive drawings in order to practice the techniques. Only in very rare cases does a student want to do a painting that requires a complicated and time-consuming drawing on watercolor paper, and in that case, I encourage the student to do the drawing at home the night before so as not to waste precious painting time in draftsmanship. 


I don‛t live in Colorado. How can I attend the workshop?


Choose option C and I will be happy to find you comfortable and affordable lodging in the downtown area of Colorado Springs, where my house/studio is located. Because of the close proximity to The Colorado College, we have a number of fine inns, B&Bs, and motels within walking distance. In addition, the popular tourist attractions of the Pikes Peak Region are within a half-hour’s drive of my studio.


Why is the workshop called “Funerama?”


One of my workshop “regulars” said one time that we have so much FUN that we should call it the “Funerama.” Indeed we do have fun while learning. Learning, as we all know, is so much easier if we’re relaxed and enjoying ourselves.


I do not see my question and/or concern here.  What do I do? 

You can click here and go directly to my "Contact Me" page or you can email me at drkarenstandridge@gmail.comPlease note that it may take 24 to 48 hours for a response.

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