Karen's original paintings sell quickly because they are fairly priced and because she has an established client base.  Please email karenstandridge2001@yahoo.com to check on the availability of your choice to purchase. Karen will respond with that information as quickly as she can.  

Soft Grey Fog watercolor 11x14

Soft Grey Fog Watercolor 11x14 $155

Snowy Fields Watercolor 11 x 14 $155

Spring Awakening Watercolor $135

Rocky Mtn Morning Light Watercolor $135

Emperor of Autumn Watercolor 16 x 20 $165

Mountain Solitude Watercolor $135

Forest Song Watercolor $135

Winds of Fate Watercolor 16 x 20 $165

Spring Thaw Watercolor $135

They Touch the Sky Watercolor $135

The Sign of the Rose Acrylic 16 x 20 $199


Fragments Acrylic framed 13x26 $250

Golden Garden Acrylic, gallery-wrapped canvas 48 x 12 $250

In a Winter Wonderland $199

Lovely Forest Trees Ink and Mixed Media Framed in brown 16x20 $199

Do You See What I See Acrylic framed in black floater frame 19 x 23 $250

Garden Gate Acrylic gallery-wrapped canvas 48 x 12 $250

A Breath of Spring Watercolor Framed 22x18 $195

Helen Hunt Falls SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

Twilight Glow SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

Forever Spring Oil framed in barnwood frame 28x21 $350

The Wild Bunch Acrylic Gallery-wrapped canvas (no frame) 36 x 12 $250

The Tree Zen Acrylic framed 17x21 $195

Winter Aspens Through my Window Acrylic canvas framed in gray barn wood $225

Destiny Acrylic 30x24 $350

A Good Day SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

Hearts and Flowers Acrylic Black Floater Frame 21x17 $250

Hanging Out Acrylic Black Floater Frame 16x20 $225

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? Acrylic Gallery wrapped canvas (no frame) 24x18 $299

Hidden Images Acrylic Gallery Wrapped Canvas (no frame) 38 x 24 $425

Go Wild Acrylic Framed Canvas 24x12 $155

Waiting in the Wings Ink and Watercolor Framed in gold frame 20x24 $225

Seven Falls Acrylic Float Framed 20X10 $150

Silent Sentinels SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

The Golden Vista Acrylic 12x28 $250

"Front Range in Blue" Acrylic and Mixed Media 12 x 48 $295

"Drummer Boys of Assisi" SOLD Prints may be available - contact me!

"Home from the Market" Watercolor 22 by 28 Inches $350

"Italian Dressing" Watercolor 22 by 28 inches $350

"Jewelry Sellers in Guanajuato" Watercolor 18 by 24 inches $350

"Lesson at the Louvre" Watercolor on Paper 22 by 28 Inches $350

"Over the Rainbow 1" Acrylic 12 by 60 Inches $350 *Not Available as a Print

"Poppies & Little Painters in Paris" Watercolor 23 by 29 Inches $350

"Womanakins - Here's An Idea" Watercolor 34 by 26 Inches $525

"Womanakins - Just Looking" Watercolor 34 by 26 Inches $525

"Womanakins - Just Waiting" Watercolor 29 by 21 Inches $525

"Holy Unorthodoxy" Watercolor 31 by 25 Inches $350

"Italian Courtyard" Oil 24 by 20 Inches $325